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Valerio Versace

Born in 1987, wears two different professional hats. His entrepreneurial side inspired him to found a company designed to grow and evolve, to identify a market, follow technological trends, and propose cutting-edge solutions while maintaining a high standard of quality. His IT side followed the path of the company in a continuous co-evolution. His expertise: cloud computing and cloud infrastructure, in particular complex cloud infrastructure solutions for important business scenarios (high reliability applications, redundant applications capable of losing pieces of infrastructure while maintaining business continuity, distributed applications, high performance applications). As Soluzioni Futura started to focus primarily on development, he developed skills in the field of blockchain in response to market demand, succeeding in gaining international experience at the highest levels (Hong Kong, Seattle, San Francisco). He is also skilled in the development of low-level systems in networking, distributed systems, and development of web applications that run through the entire stack, from the basic infrastructure to the most popular browsers. At the same time, in 2017/2018 he worked with Singularity Net, a Hong Kong company that was developing a marketplace for Etereum blockchain services. He's an advisor to Ocelot Technologies, a company operating in the cloud infrastructure and blockchain space.