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Daniele Donelli

Daniele Donelli, born in 1988, has always been passionate about computer science and technology. His first approach to the working world was in his family's business, where he was taught that if there's a problem then there's also a solution, and that the world and things are made by humans for humans. At the age of 18 he found a job at Credemtel, a sub-holding company of the CREDEM group that develops web-banking and document management software. After an initial stint at the IT helpdesk, he was assigned the configuration and installation of software on customers' premises, starting on the Aviano military base. After this experience, he decided to go back to school to study marketing and business organization at the university level to further consolidate and expand his knowledge. In 2014 he began his experience with Soluzioni Futura where, together with Giovanni and Valerio, he sought to give direction to the company. The objective: excel, study, and get certified. Over the course of five years Soluzioni Futura changed and transformed along with the partners, becoming what it is today: a solid, cutting-edge company.